Our Leathers

We use premium vegetable tanned leathers sourced from the United States. Vegetable tanned leathers are extremely durable and as they age they develop a deep rich color which does not fade but gets darker over time.  

Bowie Pull-Up: Pull-up leather is soft to the touch very resilient to the elements; it contains oils which have been impregnated in the leather. The bowie has a beautiful light creme colored pull-up. Bowie leather is perfect for the minimalist who wants a more rugged and traditional looking wallet. Over time the the leather will become soft and have a darker color to it. 

Serguo Black:  Serguo leather starts from top layer vegetable tanned cowhide leather which is dyed completely through black and then finished with a high sheen coating. The coating also protects the leather from scratches and moisture.  This leather shines and is very black !  Serguo leather is used in high end wallets and handbags, making it a perfect pairing for our wallets. Check out our Leather comparison guide to help you choose the right hide for your next wallet.