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Pull-Up Leather - What is it & how do I care for it?


Pull-Up Leather  - What is it & how do I care for it?

Pull-up leather is my favorite type of leather! It is beautiful to look at with a natural distressed appearance that seems to improve over time!  Several people have purchased Riveci wallets in Bowie pull-up before knowing what pull-up leather was. I get Facebook messages after the fact, which by the way I love to get from fans, telling me how they had never had a leather like it and didn't know such a leather existed. My preference is no surprises at all when I buy things. I hope this article will help eliminate most surprises about our Bowie pull-up leather and the care required to ensure it stays looking stylish and new. 

Pull-up Leather has been colored with aniline dyes that are impregnated with natural-based oils and/or waxes instead of being coated with paints and pigments. The oils and waxes tend to darken the original aniline dye coloration, but "pull up" the lighter color when stretched and pulled. 

Pull-Up Leather Tests 

If you are out shopping for leather it is important to know if you are buying a pull-up leather or not. Pull-up leathers tend to have a higher price tag because of the manufacturing process required to make them so don't over pay if you don't actually want or need pull-up leather. Secondly pull-up leathers need to be cared for slightly different then other leathers. If you are uncertain if a leather is pull-up or not perform these tests to verify:

    1. Scratch test- Lightly run your fingernail across the leather .  Did it scratch?  Rub your dry finger across the scratch. Does it disappear?  If you answered yes to both of these ?'s you probably have pull-up leather.
    2. Stretch test- Pull-up leather has enhanced color spots.  Press on a spot on the leather with your finger or grasp a loose area of the leather and stretch it.  If it lightens where you grab it, it is probably pull-up leather.
    3. Eyeball Test- Pull up leather has two distinct visual traits that separate it from other leathers.  It is satin to semi-glossy and  is  distressed looking with shade variations, hide scarring as well as light and dark areas.  ( I recommend performing this test after lightly buffing the leather with a dry cloth.)

Pull-Up Leather Percussions

Pull-up leathers are resilient to wear but certain things should be avoided to prolong there life and appearance: 

    1. Direct Sunlight can cause your pull-up leather to fade; avoid prolonged sun exposure.
    2. Ink, markers, and other dyes are very difficult to remove from pull-up leathers.  Try to avoid contact with them; if you happen to get these on them the sooner you can remove them the better chance you are to full restoration.
    3. Deep scratches and cuts are harder (not impossible) to repair in pull-up leathers.

Pull-Up Leather Care

Twice a year  apply a  leather conditioner to your pull-up leather to protect it and restore its natural beauty . Rub a small amount on the leather and buff off with a dry cloth.  This will protect the leather and keep it looking beautiful. Before shipping out our pull-up leather wallets we do this which is why they may seem oily / greasy to your hand. Don't worry this will be gone in a few hours. Think of it as a guarantee that your wallet is protected! 

I hope this helped, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 


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