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Handcrafted Innovation Is Possible!

Handcrafted Innovation Is Possible!

It is a common misconception that handmade or handcrafted items lack innovative designs and styles. Handmade products require several hours, sometimes days or even weeks, of upfront design, research and requirement planning before  hands ever touch the material or pick up a tool. Examine an Italian timepiece and it becomes evident that when style, design ingenuity, and handcrafted quality combine the results are near flawless. Leaf by Riveci began as an idea and turned into a tireless effort to design the perfect wallet with the right functionality using premium materials. 

Napkin Sketching

Most innovative ideas started on a napkin, half used sheet of paper or some other random remnant of paper. I can’t prove the previous statement, but it has been my experience on more than one occasion. Riveci wallets began as a sketch on a page of my daughters frozen coloring book during an episode of my favorite superhero TV show, “Arrow”. It wasn’t until after many weeks of research, computer aided modeling, and material sampling was completed that I was ready to make my first prototype.

Final Thoughts

Product design and innovation are not coupled to what manufacturing method is used. There are innovative products that are mass-produced as well as handcrafted; just like there are copycat products that are handcrafted and mass-produced. If you would like to see wallets that combine quality, innovation and style check out our very own sleek stylish premium leather wallets!

In our next blog post discover why it took 39 prototypes to create the perfect wallet.

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