My Coach

Alexa Skill
Coach offers motivation as you are guided through your choice of chest, legs, abs, and cardio workouts that can be done in around 7 minutes minutes and require no additional fitness equipment. To prevent boredom the exercises for each workout are on seven day rotations

Relaxing Plank

Alexa Skill
Build a stronger core while reducing stress and finding a deeper sense of calm. You choose the length of your workout; after each round you will be asked if you would like to continue. You will be guided through several planks while stress reducing ocean sounds play in the background. Practice deep breathing and shut your eyes while doing this workout and it is easy to forget you are working out. Total minutes planked will be reported out to your device upon completion of the workout.

Time Bomb

Alexa Skill
This skill turns your echo device into a ticking time bomb. Once initiated you have 5 seconds before it explodes. Have fun showing your friends. This skill is meant to be fun and will not cause any actual harm or damage besides a noise. We are not liable for any fear induced pain or injury this skill may cause. Have fun and enjoy this highly explosive skill responsibly.


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